About Us

Sankei Building Management Co., Ltd. is a specialized Group providing real estate management support.

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Be it media or office buildings, commercial facilities, factories, warehouses or condominiums, Sankei Building Maintenance supports “strategic property management” by delivering stable building management services.Sankei can demonstrate additional value-add synergies by bundling together key offerings (construction management/condominium operation & management/real estate solutions).Business Continuity Planning (BCP) support and management is also offered to maximize Client asset values by building an environment etc that reflects market needs. In addition, the various allied firms in the Sankei Group can jointly provide `one-stop` support of client consulting etc needs for interior design and restaurant design services

*Business Continuity Plan

Service Contents

  • Building Management
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management, etc.
  • Condominium Management & Operation
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Solar power systems
  • Energy-saving consulting
  • Recommended products
  • Emergency service center

Our strength is our wealth of accomplishments and a vast network that only Sankei Building Group can offer.

Management of Large-scale Buildings in Tokyo and Osaka

The Tokyo Sankei Building is a landmark in Otemachi, Tokyo with floor space exceeding 80,000 m². The Breeze Tower is an environment- friendly building in Nishi-Umeda with a floor space exceeding 80,000 m². DiverCity Tokyo Office Plaza with a floor space exceeding 64,000 m² lays side-by-side to massive commercial facilities. We are providing centralized management for the building management of these the large-scale buildings developed by Sankei Building.

  • Tokyo Sankei BuildingTokyo Sankei Building
  • Breeze TowerBreeze Tower
  • DiverCity TokyoDiverCity Tokyo

Group Company Collaboration Responding to Diverse Needs

Sankei Building Management is a member of the Sankei Building Group, which is amplifying its services from its building and residential businesses to restaurants, interior design, building management, senior-citizen housing businesses and hotel resort businesses. The Group utilizes the strengths of each company while driving its unified Group management to offer scenes and services that bring joy, satisfaction, sensation, and happiness to urbanites.