Management & Operation of Condominiums

Business Operations

Management and operations of condominiums require specialized knowledge to perform a wide-range of operations such as cleaning of common areas, formulation of plans for the maintenance, repair and long-term renovation of common equipment, and the implementation of large-scale renovations. Daily management is also extremely important in sustaining and improving the asset value of condominiums. Sankei Building Management offers safety, comfort, and comprehensive building management to condominiums, which are important asset as well as a place of comfort to the customer. This is made possible by our experts and richly experienced staff having extensive knowledge concerning laws and regulations such as in architecture, equipment, and condominiums.

Operational formation


Service content

  1. Accounting work outsourcing (collection of management/repair reserve fund and creation of accounting reports)
  2. Operational support for condominium residents’ association (boards and general meetings)
  3. Daily cleaning/periodic cleaning
  4. Various reception for management members
  5. House cleaning services (charges apply) in privately owned areas
  6. Building inspections in common areas