Real Estate Solutions

Business Operations

Our real estate solutions provide services through a highly specialized team of experts that offer their experience, know-how, and their unique network accumulated through our many years of real estate operations. We offer our expertise on consultations regarding operational support, sales, and purchasing of real estate for investments not only to corporate clients but also to individual customers. We will respond to the various demands concerning real estate and will support you in achieving the optimum real estate strategy.

Scope of services

  • Office buildings
  • Commercial facilities
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Other business revenue properties

Service content

For example, these are requirements and concerns we will solve.

  • I want to start investing in real estate…
  • I want to effectively use my underutilized real estate…
  • I am considering selling or purchasing real estate as a measure against inheritance taxes…
  • I want to sell real estate because the market is good, but I don’t know the best way…
  • I want to invest in real estate, but managing the risks and leasing is troublesome…
  • It is dificult to find properties for investment…
  • CCRE strategic support

    We provide total support from property appraisal and portfolio strategy planning to the formulation of real estate investment strategies, effective use of underutilized assets, maximizing the value of owned assets, and finding the best purchaser.

  • Property investment and operational support

    We will support the formulation of investment strategies, finding properties for investment, assisting you in due diligence, investment analysis, closings such as by creating contracts, and with operations (leasing management, loan management, creation of operational reports, etc.).