Construction Management, etc.

Business Operations

Construction management is the assigning of construction managers with specialized knowledge, to manage operations in assistance or on behalf of building proprietors for the purpose of preventing construction delays and budget overruns. Are primary services consist of (1) construction schedule formulation, (2) construction vendor selection, (3) construction supervision and (4) operational management. Our involvement enables us to reduce the construction period, provide transparency of the construction amount and comply to laws and regulations. In addition, we propose equipment improvements and energy-saving renovations that utilize government subsidies to reduce costs and provide environmentally-friendly proposals.

Scope of services

  • Office buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Condominiums and apartments
  • Welfare facilities
  • Logistical warehouses, factories, etc.

Contracts and operational formations


Service content

  1. Transparency of costs and processes

    Through execution of equitable bidding, the adequacy and transparency of the bidding contractor’s quotation can be achieved and reductions in costs can be expected.

  2. Reduction of construction period

    By conducting schedule management, delays of construction can be confirmed and advise to contractors can be provided. Furthermore, shortening of the construction period can be expected through integration of construction work by adjustments between each construction works.

  3. Compliance to laws and regulations

    Our achievements in construction field enables us to offer proposals that comply with various relevant laws and regulations.

  4. Subsidy and energy-saving proposals

    Our achievement in construction field enables us to offer cost reductions by proposing energy savings that account for the environment and the utilization of subsidies.