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IMG_7707Mr. Masayuki Okamoto, President.
Sankei Building Management Co., Ltd.

To challenge, to change, and towards new fields.

Our destiny, our contribution to society, is to provide a building maintenance service that aims towards a safe and ideal environment. .

The world is now facing new challenges and huge changes in lifestyle and working methodology. At the same time, it is the technology improvement for a new age, like AI, 5G, Robot and automaticism.

Our company realises the changes of the era, and set out the targets to provide our customers a relaxing environment and enjoyable experience with high-class services utilising new technologies.

For such reasons, as a member of the Fuji Sankei Group, one of the biggest media conglomerate in Japan with expertise in fields such as media, newspapers, radio, publishing, urban development investment and more, we always seek for challenges and do not fear of changes.

Our company looks forward to cooperations and supports from our customers.