Project Management

Business Operations

Our project management business supports buildings that have evolved today in being more complex and advanced through our accumulated know-how as well as our originality and ingenuity. We will maximize the asset value of buildings with building operational management that requires a high-level of professionalism and experience on behalf of the building owner. We interact with other internal division and utilize our network of partner companies to respond to the diverse needs of building owners.

Scope of services

  • Office buildings
  • Commercial (retail/restaurant) buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Other (interim use before demolition, etc.)

Contracts and operational arrangements


Service content

  1. Improves building revenue with rapid measures to avoid or minimize vacancy.
  2. Performs negotiations and administrative functions such as concluding new contracts and terminating contracts as well as revising leasing fees.
  3. Handles various processes related to building issues without causing the troublesome involvement of the building owner.
  4. Performs operational management of the building by focusing on improving the level of tenant satisfaction.
  5. Accurately handles and reports the issuing of monthly invoices, payment processing, etc.
  6. Supervises various constructions from large scale renovation to small repairs by appropriately and bring them forward smoothly.
  7. Supports real estate investments of building owners.

Basic options of the project management business

  • Leasing/tenant relations
  • Building management
  • Account reporting
  • Construction management
  • Support of property acquisition and sale